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Home Page Redesign

A Case Study

Peak Consulting is a software solutions company for the banking industry.
Their website was outdated and cold. It needed a fresh, modern look that provided a warm welcome to potential clients.

Here's what it looked like before:


The company’s original homepage has several problems:

  • Their logo is on the page twice (and the bigger one is enormous).

  • The copy and imaging primarily sell the company’s ability, rather than meeting the client’s needs.

  • The “call to action” button (the yellow box) is only a contact button.

  • The background photo communicates “doing business,” but implies a transactional relationship.

  • The statement "We help you..." is too small to see clearly and too long to read quickly.

  • Their menu lacks logical organization.

Here's how I made it better. The After...

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 2.28.26 PM.png

The entire homepage becomes more appealing to the client’s needs and well-being (not to mention their eyes!):

  • The logo no longer draws attention to itself.

  • The headline is now customer-focused, not company-focused.

  • The sub-headline communicates empathy and connects with the customer in a relaxed, yet professional manner.

  • Two “call-to-action” buttons provide easy access to a solutions page and a contact form.

  • The background image reveals that collaboration, guidance, and training is what the client gets when they work with the company.



Note: This case study was a demo for the client.

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